We are committed to bringing more than business value where we work. To this end, Lynx subsidiary X-Oil is a proud sponsor of the Diables Noirs football team, based in Brazzaville. The team enjoys a strong following and was the 2011 Congo Premier League champion. As the national champion, the team went on to represent Congo in the 2012 Confederation of African Champions (CAF) League.

An enduring legacy

In 1939, the Catholic clergymen of the Bacongo parish created the football club under the name ‘Mission Sports’ Association’ (Association Sportive de la Mission – ASM). The goal was to promote health and exercise for the parish youth. Little by little, the ASM football team grew in size and notoriety, and it received official recognition as the Diables Noirs (‘Black Devils’) in 1952.

Since then, it has built a legacy of amazing players, and its managers have included well-known Congolese personalities. Its history makes the Diables Noirs far more than the sum of its parts. As one manager put it, “The Diables Noirs’ managers, previous players and supporters see the team as being comprised of both its past and current players.”

Nobody can claim ownership of the team – it is part of Congo’s national heritage.

President of the Diables Noirs

With our X-Oil fuel distribution business, Lynx is fully committed to Congo and its operations there. This is why, X-Oil supports the Diables Noirs – a team that is Congolese to the core!

Playing to win

The Diables Noirs could not have captured the hearts of so many fans without its impressive track record. The team represented Congo in the 2012 CAF League, the annual African football tournament, after winning the 2011 Congo Premier League. This was the Diables Noirs’ 7th national title since its creation, with victories in 1961, 1977, 1991, 2004, 2007 and 2009.