In the rapidly evolving energy sector, business confidence comes from knowing where to invest and how to leverage local business activity to maximise ROI (Return On Investment). Ideally positioned to provide local knowledge with global perspective, Lynx is engaged in a number of investment, acquisition and joint venture projects that are activating business potential in emerging energy markets.


Through Petrolynx, we invest in niche-focused oil and gas producing companies with established reserve-bases and ongoing production. We also consider investments in start-up exploration companies, using growth capital to develop new resources.

At Petrolynx, our approach is highly pragmatic and characterised by a prudent use of leverage. Our objective is to capitalise on unique opportunities in the E&P sector. As a result, the size of any given investment depends upon a range of factors and market conditions. Before committing growth capital to an equity story, we go through a very rigorous investment process incorporating meticulous bottom-up analysis and due diligence.