From its creation, Lynx Energy Trading has been carving its own unique path. Rather than replicating the model of traditional trading houses, we focus our expertise on a smaller number of rapid-growth clients, providing them with effective trading services as well as creating and implementing dedicated strategies. Our primary focus is on the marketing of crude oil and refined products cargoes (gasoline, mid-distillate and fuel oil).


Lynx Energy Trading is defined by our local presence and strong partnerships. Proximity is one of our Group values: we are onsite where it counts, with offices in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

We are to the energy sector what a boutique investment bank is to the financial world. We’re proud to be small and focus 100% of our attention on our selected long-term partners.

Cyrille Costes, President

Our experience in energy trading and investment is geared towards structuring deals in emerging markets and optimising new ventures by applying financial, technical and legal expertise. With our partner network, we are ideally positioned to provide unique, trading, risk management and market access solutions.



Lynx has been assisting West African governments to better optimise and command their natural resources and energy sector operations, particularly with regards to crude oil.

In one West African nation, we helped governmental actors to maximise the value of their resources. Our local partnerships allowed us to put in place the required expertise to conduct effective negotiations and implement efficient operations. The result: our clients have become new actors in the crude oil market.

One way that Lynx develops its clients’ energy sector activities is by optimising the selling price of their crude oil. We helped one government benefit from our trading network, introducing and presenting them to the right actors – from petroleum refiners to the major oil companies – both locally and abroad. With our services, contacts and negotiations experience, this government was able to achieve its pricing objectives.