We function as business partners, not academic advisors, and strive to understand and meet our client’s needs. 

We deliver a locally-informed consultancy experience.

Our teams of energy sector experts onsite work together with local partners and track market changes in real-time. The teams also combine local knowledge with a deep understanding of the global energy sector.

In this way, our consulting projects help to develop and optimise business in emerging economies, for both local and international clients.


Our team is at the core of our consulting business. It comprises an array of experts with complementary backgrounds in trading, finance, law and logistics. We have built a substantial network of local partners that directly benefits our clientele.

"It should come as no surprise that we are passionate about our work. Everyday we break new ground, helping energy stakeholders in emerging markets to build autonomy and strenghten their position in the global energy landscape". 

Franck Blais, Vice-President

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