In the rapidly evolving energy sector, business confidence comes from knowing where to invest and how to leverage local business activity to maximise Return On Investment. Ideally positioned to provide local knowledge with global perspective, Lynx is engaged in a number of investment, acquisition and joint venture projects that are activating business potential in emerging energy markets.


In 2011, Lynx acquired X-Oil, a Congolese company for the distribution of petroleum products. Our investment capacity, our energy expertise and our knowledge of international standards allowed X-Oil to grow rapidly.

As to date, X-Oil exploits twenty-four gaz stations on the Congolese territory and directly supplies the country’s biggest companies. 


Its network, logistic capabilities and lubricants partnerships enable X-Oil to meet the needs of industrial sectors, transport, mining, aviation, and all manufacturing industries. 

We also thrive to offer the best quality of service in our stations, making X-Oil the first choice for taxis and other road professionals. 


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